The dashboard allows you to manage Services and Scenarios, quickly start and stop them.

Services and Scenarios on the dashboard include a Journal which logs all activity. Journal entries can be filtered by HTTP status code (eg. 501) or using text search. Note the search fields work together - status code is ANDed with text search, blank values are ignored.


Click “+ Add” to add a new service to the dashboard — it will start running automatically


Status displays running or paused


Click for information about the running service and to view the Journal.


Modes can be selected if the service has been configured with a target URL (see Create Simulations for more information about modes)


Click the simulation name to view and update the running simulation.


Show Usage — shows how to use the service using curl or Hoverfly Cloud CLI Behavior — set the behavior of a service Journal — hover over to see a tool-tip with summary statistics, click to view the Journal

In the context menu: Start — start a paused service Pause — pause a running service Reset — clear the simulation data, journal entries and state of the service Delete — delete a service from the dashboard

Re-import simulation — overwrite the running simulation with the latest one

Edit Journal Indexing — edit the indexes configured for the service


The Scenarios panel shows running scenarios Click the > icon to view the services inside the scenario. The same capabilities described above are available for each service.

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