What is Hoverfly Cloud?

Hoverfly Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service API simulation solution, designed from the ground up for integration, automation and performance.

Hoverfly Cloud allows developers and test engineers to replace the APIs their applications depend on with flexible light-weight simulations.

This decouples the development and testing process from unreliable, expensive test systems and restrictive API sandboxes.

API simulations can be configured to reproduce unexpected API behaviors such as high latency or random failures. This makes it possible to ensure that applications respond gracefully when the APIs they depend on misbehave.

Hoverfly Cloud allows you to speed up delivery, reduce costs, and get resilient software to market faster.

API Simulation vs Service Virtualization

The technique of simulating (or "virtualizing") application dependencies during development and testing is often referred to as Service Virtualization.

Service Virtualization solutions usually provide tools for virtualizing HTTP/HTTPS services, database connections, various messaging protocols, and even mainframes.

API simulation refers to the virtualization of HTTP/HTTPS APIs only. API Simulation is therefore a type of Service Virtualization.

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