Hoverfly Cloud Agent

This page contains the output of

hoverfly-cloud-agent --help
Command line agent for Hoverfly Cloud

  hoverfly-cloud-agent [command]

Available Commands:
  delete-simulation   Delete a simulation
  help                Help about any command
  list-instances      List Hoverfly Cloud instances
  list-simulations    List Hoverfly Cloud simulations
  start-capture       Start a local capture session
  start-instance      Start a simulation instance
  start-reverse-proxy Start a local reverse proxy
  stop-capture        Stop a local capture session and upload simulation to Hoverfly Cloud
  stop-instance       Stop a simulation instance
  stop-reverse-proxy  Stop a local reverse proxy
  upload-simulation   Upload a simulation
  version             Get the version of hoverfly-cloud-agent

      --api-token string   API token from Hoverfly Cloud
  -h, --help               help for hoverfly-cloud-agent

Use "hoverfly-cloud-agent [command] --help" for more information about a command.