Use the Scenario builder to create Scenarios. Click Create to begin.

Enter a Target URL if the services will run on a specific URL. This URL will be used in your config file to identify the specific web service endpoint.

This also enables the use of Hoverfly Modes:

  • Simulate: Hoverfly will simulate responses

  • Capture: Captures request / response pairs

  • Spy: Hoverfly will simulate the response if there is a match for the request,

    else the real service is called if a request is not matched

  • Passthrough: All calls are passed back to the real API and Hoverfly is bypassed.

    This lets you switch from using virtualized service and real service without

    restarting your application with different configurations.

Add behaviours

Behaviours modify the behaviour of a service — select the slider to active a behaviour and follow the specific prompts to complete the configuration.